Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Peter Drucker on leading large corporations

The grandfather of management gurus has spoken one more time: be sure you don't miss the interview with the now 95 year old (!) Peter Drucker in Forbes on leading large corporations. Good stuff to help you think about your coming targets for 2005. It's a bit speaking in commonplaces, but hey: this is Drucker...
In the article, Drucker says successful leaders:

  1. Make sure that things that make a difference get done, whether by themselves or by somebody else;
  2. Check their performance against previously defined goals;
  3. Are mission / purpose driven and say no to things that don't contribute;
  4. Know early when to stop trying doing something that can't be done;
  5. Organize their travel, leveraging new technology where possible;
  6. Have a maximum of two organizational goals at the same time;
  7. Make sure the people around them understand their priorities;
  8. Build on their strengths and find strong people to do the other necessary tasks.

Read the rest of the article here.